ordinary solar systems are designed to
automatically turn themselves off during a power OUTAGE.

Solar Power Automatic Off

You'll have all those solar panels on your roof and your system won't produce enough
power to even charge a cellphone. Even during daylight hours!


Wouldn't it make far more sense to install a grid tie battery backup system for your home
or business that can reduce or eliminate your electric bill and provide emergency power
during a power outage ?






$0 Down financing for your GRID TIE SOLAR energy project

Title 1 Loans

FHA Title 1 loans. No money down. No equity required. Interest may be tax deductible.

LightStream Loans

LightStream loans. $0 down. No collateral required or lien against your home. Affordable Payments.

PACE Loans

PACE Financing. Payments made through your prpoerty tax bill. Interest may be tax deductible.

Comerica Loans

Comerica loans. $0 down and no payments for one full year as well as home equity lines of credit.



Save up to $7,800 on a typical 6.8 kW system by performing the
bulk of the installation yourself with our assistance !